Robert Dyck

Robert Dyck is an award winning photographer, portrait artist, and filmmaker operating out of the northwest.  Trained in documentary photography but obsessed with films, Robert mixes the real with the imagined, combining naturalism with romanticism.  He received his BA in magazine writing from the School of Journalism and Communication at the University of Oregon.  His photography has been featured in the Oregonian, OPB News, Etude and Flux magazine.

Alan Dyck

Alan Dyck is a senior portrait artist, landscape photographer, and wildlife biologist.  He held his first camera in 1972, and in 40 years, he’s witnessed the transition from film to digital, been commissioned for photo work across 10 states for the government, and documented aircraft crash situations for the National Transportation Safety Bureau.  His wedding photography has taken him across the entire northwest and his stock photography continues to be used for national advertising campaigns.